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About Me

I’ve been on set since 2017 and have no desire to look back. Not even a tiny bit. The dynamics, focus, teamwork, challenge, camaraderie, joy—it’s a truly beautiful and humbling process.

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t interested in audio. Same goes for film. After I graduated with my A.S. in Sound Arts, I was fortunate enough to merge these two passions into a career. I’ve done just about everything in the realm of production since. Traveling, late nights, early mornings, new friends, new journeys, the tiny moments where we all realize we were part of something indescribable and unmeasurable. I live for this.

I take the audio capture seriously because it’s what your project deserves. Nothing takes and audience out of your message faster than an issue with the sound. I’m here to make it easy on you and your postproduction team by getting that dialogue/ambience/sfx clear and healthy from the beginning to avoid triage and surgery further downstream. I use professional equipment that I’ve taken the time to master, so production doesn’t sag where it doesn’t need to. Furthering my education is a top priority. I’m a card carrying member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and regularly take the time to learn about and keep up with industry trends. I stay connected with my colleagues and love to talk shop, foster friendships, and build community. I pride myself on being easy and accommodating to work with. A deep respect for everyone is at the forefront of every action I take.

Trust your audio is in good hands.

Sound good? I’d love to connect and discuss how to best serve your next project.